«Take the courage to move forward»

Take the courage to move forward

In my work as a career & executive coach, I meet many people who struggle with courage. This is how my work philosophy "take the courage to move forward" was born. I wanted to ensure that my clients no longer left the ability to be courageous and to progress to others.

Currently the post-corona world of work is bringing new challenges with a lot of unknowns and great uncertainties. More than ever, courage, openness and a good helping of creativity are required! Courage to create new life and work models.

My vision is, by means of my work, to encourage people to take responsibility and to shape their future courageously and proactively and in doing so to be more determined, energetic, satisfied and happier. Ultimately, the question is: what is a rich and fulfilled life?

In order to realise my vision of a more courageous working world on a larger scale, I created the inspiration platform takethecourage.com