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for Employers»

Newplacement for Employers

Best-practice employers offer professional, bespoke newplacement/ outplacement support to those employees, who have been adversely affected by a restructuring process. This is beneficial to both parties for the following reasons: 

  • The employees are in good hands. With the help of excellent coaching, they are able to get their professional life back on track.
  • The employers have fulfilled their professional obligation by facilitating the restructured employees with the best possible support package. 

The future of work in the age of digitalisation seems to be limitless, full of opportunities and possibilities, but also for many people full of uncertainties and fear. To keep up with the flow, employees wishing to define their future career path need to adopt a creative mindset, accept the VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity) as the norm and take charge of their own professional future. It is most unlikely that their future career will be offered to them as a ready available solution. More and more, they will have to build and create their own professional future.

Taking this into account I offer a tailor-made newplacement / outplacement service, in which the emphasis is on courage, thinking outside the box, design thinking, creativity, resilience, commitment, and self-belief.

The process typically includes the following: 

  • Mobilising all available resources
  • Recognising the situation as a new opportunity
  • Analysing the entire situation (holestic approach)
  • Rebuilding self-confidence and uncovering potential
  • Defining goals
  • Creating a clear strategy, including branding
  • Top-quality application documentation
  • Extensive preparation for the job interview 

Dorie Massumi Newplacement offers support for three to twelve months. The content and length of the support is dependent on the requirements of the client and the personal needs of the individual.