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Newplacement / Outplacement for Employers

The future of work in the age of digitalisation, for many,  appears to be full of opportunities and possibilities. For many others, however, it is also associated with insecurities and fears.

In addition, the post-corona world of work is bringing new challenges with a lot of uncertainties that more than ever need courage, openness and a good helping of creativity! Courage  to create new life and work models.

In response to these challenges and in order to support your employees to create their best professional future , I offer tailor-made new placement / outplacement coaching and have developed the concept of the “Courage Wheel to Move Forward ”.

This concept provides decisive, wide, creative and encouraging elements beyond the basics of a conventional professional reorientation process.

Find out more about each dimension by clicking on each dimension in the graphic.

Courage to make it happen
Now is the time to act. Newly recognized and decided is resolutely put into practice. You act upon what has been learned from successes and failures. If one method doesn't work, then you apply the next. Standstill is not an option. And as learning continues, new energy and dynamic are constantly emerging. A perpetual motion machine.

Courage to embrace openness
This is where the mindset for shaping the future is formed. For this purpose, we stimulate our energy and embrace openness. This dimension is the essence and the energy tank for the whole process.

Courage to get to know the real you.
This is where we figure out the essence of ourselves. We clarify the knowns and the unknowns. What identity have we maintained so far? We take the courage to stand in front of the mirror and ask who we are.

Courage to create newness
Here, we analyse all the knowns and unknowns and draw from unutilised potential. New, visionary futures are created with creativity. Both reason and emotion come into play together.

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Our outplacement / newplacement coaching offerings are optional for three, six, nine or twelve months. The content and length of the support can be adapted to the requirements of the client and the personal needs of the individual.