«Newplacement for me means helping individuals to find the courage to move forward.»

Dorie Massumi

Dorie Massumi

In a nutshell

In 2012 I founded my own company: “Dorie Massumi Newplacement” and since its conception I have worked as coach and outplacement expert.

I previously held a high-ranking HR position in an international environment for 15 years. My main points of focus were to counsel, coach and develop. I also used to manage the outplacement process during periods of restructuring and was responsible for it’s implementation.

Some Facts

Dorie Massumi
Masters Degree in Advanced Studies in Human Resources in Zurich (University of Applied Sciences, Institute of Applied Psychology); various qualifications in applied consultancy and psychological counselling techniques, certified NLP Practitioner and NLP Master.
Zurich, Switzerland
2012 – Present
Passion to get people to move forward
Inspiration New-orientation
The Human way

My Skills



Training and Development

New- / Outplacement projects

Let’s create something together!

newplacement – the human way

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