Take the courage to move forward

We work together to create professional 'futures' – that’s right in the plural! Because in today's digital age, the next step in a person’s career no longer leads to a definitive destination.

I support you with great passion and creativity and with focus on the diverse demands of the rapidly changing world of work. Together we will eliminate all possible limitations and restrictions. We will broaden your perspectives and initiate numerous options and possibilities. In doing so you will find clarity regarding your next steps and you will mobilise the courage for the “new” and the “unusual”.

Courage Wheel to Move Forward

The concept of the “Courage Wheel to Move Forward” that I have developed provides decisive, wide, creative and encouraging elements beyond the basics of a conventional professional reorientation process so that the creation of the future becomes possible in a sustainable way.

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Services/private individuals


Complete Courage Newplacement / Outplacement Package

The future of work, which is actually happening now, is challenging. A conventional package will not get your employees anywhere. Indulge your employees with a Newplacement / Outplacement support package that is out of the box, bold and full of energy and drive. Please find more information under: Services/Emplyers

Let’s make a real difference to the future career path of your employees. You are wondering how? Let’s sit together so I can tell you more about my Courage Package. Simply contact me: +41 79 238 28 43  massumi@dmnewplacement.ch

Newplacement / Professional New Orientation For Private individuals

Complete Courage Package

Your professional future is happening right now and will not wait for you. Unless YOU take the courage to act pro-actively and move forward, your professional future could be decided for you by other people, with unexpected and unwanted consequences. Do not lag behind or let others decide for you. Take the courage and move forward pro-actively. Take the lead! Please find more information under services/private individuals.

10 -12 sessions

Let’s talk and see, how you can best create your professional future in the age of digitalization: Simply contact me: +41 79 238 28 43  massumi@dmnewplacement.ch

Concise Package for a Courageous Job Interview

Let’s make you shine in your job interviews.

Congratulations, you have made it to the job interview!  Now you must not miss the opportunity to impress your potential employer personally.

Give it a special focus and prepare thoroughly. It will pay off!

2 sessions of each two hours – Full focus on all relevant aspects.

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Simply contact me for more details: +41 79 238 28 43  massumi@dmnewplacement.ch

Complete Package for a Courageous Job Interview

Making it to job interviews, but somehow not managing to secure the contract? Disappointed? Frustrated? Insecure?

Let’s make you shine and smile again.

A successful job interview depends on many aspects: Your situation analyses, goal sitting, awareness of your entire resource pool, your communication skills and style and more. It is time to approach the topic from a different perspective.

Take the courage and contact me for more details:
+41 79 238 28 43  massumi@dmnewplacement.ch

Create Your Job Actively in the Digital Age

In times of rapid change, how do I manage to actively shape my career and my projects within the company?
«Shape’n Create», the Business Master Class of a different kind.
It is aimed at anyone who wants to get things moving for themselves or for their organisation.
The success formula «Speak-up, Connect & Create» is the focal point of the Master Class.

Find more details and the relevant dates on: shapencreate.com