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Newplacement for Private Individuals

Often an upheaval such as losing one’s job or any type of conflict can be the trigger for an individual to devote more time to his own personal development. Professional coaching supports individuals throughout the transformation process.

When it comes to coaching private individuals, I place emphasis on the following:

  • What does leading a fulfilled life mean for the individual?
  • Resource Coaching for every day life
  • Building self confidence and uncovering the individual’s potential
  • Making decisions
  • Defining and achieving the individual’s personal goals.

If a private individual is looking for professional new-orientation, the coaching method used is similar to that employed in the “Newplacement” scenario. Additional information can be found under “Newplacement for Employers”.

For those individuals who are looking for professional new-orientation, I also offer job application coaching and job interview training for the interview process.