Take the courage to find your values and live them “the shaolin way” focusing your energy one hundred percent…

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Take the courage to find your values and live them “the shaolin way” focusing your energy one hundred percent…


Last weekend, I had the pleasure of attending the “Life Style Design Convention 2016” in Zurich. Kai Christen, the founder of the convention and his team believe that people who want to take control and design the life of their dreams should gather and share their knowledge and experiences. (www.lifestyledesignconvention.com).

I must admit that when I registered, I was not too sure what to expect from the convention. However, at the end of the two days, I was incredibly surprised by the impact of the event. Just as promised on its website, it provided a wonderful platform for inspiring talks, interactions and networking with likeminded people. A number of incredible international speakers enhanced the experience and the entire event was rich in energy and good spirit, and concentrated on positive life content, inner satisfaction, fulfilment and success.

One of the speakers at the convention was Shi Xing Mi (Walter Gjergja), Shaolin Master, trainer and consultant. (www.shaolinshixingmi.com). Shi Xing is the first non-Chinese Shaolin 32nd generation Master. In my opinion he is a great personality and a real source of inspiration for the mind and spirit. I was very much inspired by his thoughts about our moral values, some of which I would like to share with you in this blog.

Shi Xing sees life as a journey with some essential constants, “oneself” being the first essential of these constants and “one’s values” being the second. When it comes to us, our body, mind and spirit are most important. This is our eco-system. This eco-system would not work without being cultivated and that is where our moral values come into play. Who are we from a moral status point of view? Which values define us? Shi Xing inspires us to compare our values with seeds. These seeds would not grow if we did not nurture or live them every day. It is up to each individual to decide which seeds/values to nurture and which not. Whichever values we decide – these form our basis and these are what differentiate us from others. These are the essence of who we are and form our foundation. Our values define the frame of everything we do in life and become part of who we are; in essence, they represent us.

Whilst listening to him and taking notes, I realised that I was deep in thought about myself and how I really live my values. Are we all really aware of what our values are and do we really live them and make them the foundation of our life? Do we really nurture our seeds, in order to live our life to the full? Do we share them with those around us, thereby making a mark and a difference?

When relating the topic of values to the process of new orientation and self-branding, I can see that my coaching clients often struggle with summarising their profile and giving some insight to their personality. Or, when it comes to interview preparation, I can sense that they do not feel one hundred percent comfortable and are even worried about how to answer simple questions such as: Tell me about yourself, or just tell me about your values and what makes you tick? I believe that these clients would certainly feel more positive, had they discovered their values early in life, made them part of their life and nurtured them constantly. In the recruitment process, it is not always the candidate who provides a one hundred percent fit with regards to knowledge, competencies and experiences who is awarded the position, often the applicant with “personality” is chosen.

Shi Xing sees the implementation of our values connected with change. The first thing to learn about change is to let go of old habits and start living our values as from today. He inspires us to start sharing our values at all levels today and share them every day with one person, with an other tomorrow and so on. Shi Xing sees the full focus of our energy in living our values as essential. “You only get something if you put in all of your energy.”

Take the courage to find your values and live them “the shaolin way” focusing your energy one hundred percent as means to move forward…


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