Take the courage to examine the luxury of your comfort zone...

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Take the courage to examine the luxury of your comfort zone...

How luxurious it makes us feel, how warm and pleasant, just as if we were wrapped up in a soft, down duvet protected. Regardless of the season or our life cycle, we feel protected and comforted. This is exactly the security for which we crave. Troubles, obstacles, conflicts, crises, the urge to take risks or change things no matter what – it is our comfort zone (c-zone) that provides refuge in these moments of unrest.

We take refuge in the c-zone because it reassures us, tells us that we are OK and that we do not need to act. It tells us that others should take responsibility, should move forward, should face conflicts, should explore new directions and that we should just stay put!

We should really love our c-zone, such a faithful friend in today’s world where finding real friends is not so easy. It should be awarded and celebrated year after year for its loyalty…

During a workshop the other day, where we covered the topics of self-branding and new orientation, I heard statements like: “You know we were loyal towards our employer for xyz years. We gave everything we could and we did not want to leave. It was the decision of the company.” I can understand the frustration and confusion. They were supposed to be an employer for life. They fed individual c-zones, year after year, by providing security and a job title. That was absolutely in line with the ethics of the job market for many years. It was job security in exchange for loyalty and good work. Now an employer for life no longer exists, individuals are having trouble with the ethics of their luxury zone. The c-zone still controls them, making sure that they do not stray too far from what they know and provides a sense of security.

Nevertheless let us take a deeper look at the down sides of our beloved c-zone. What does it really do to us?

Over time it minimises, or even destroys our wish to fulfil our desires, to achieve our dreams, to fight for our rights, to raise our voice, to live the life we want, to do the work we want and so on.

It eliminates courage - every day a little more is lost.

It enables others to make decisions regarding our life and work on our behalf. 

It encourages us to neglect our fitness, whether on a mental, spiritual or physical level.

I had best stop here, firstly because the list is endless and secondly because I just wanted to raise your awareness.

Let us use our energy to overcome this situation, but remain realistic - a little c-zone luxury is very much part of life, after all we are human beings and not machines or super heroes. 

Take the courage to find your own ways to minimise our beloved c-zone. Remember you are the boss and not the c-zone! Get help and support if needed…

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