Take the courage NOT to think big

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"Take the courage NOT to think big"

During the last five years, since making the decision to step away from my former corporate life, I have made it my business to learn about a number of entrepreneurs, speakers and authors who inspire people to live their passion and to think big. I have been and still am, a follower of a couple of these individuals as I feed on their source of inspiration. They are great personalities and I admire them for having taken the courage to be who they are and having had such a large impact on a lot of people’s lives, including mine.

However, through my work I also encounter a lot of people who feel under pressure from the environment. Live your passion, dream big, achieve big! These people do not necessarily want to change their entire life. In fact, in general they are happy with their life and wish to change only certain aspects of it in order to move forward. One could simply say that they are not the type of people to dream big and to live their passion. Unfortunately the environment and the impact of some trends tend to confuse these people into thinking that they might be wrong. I have had a number of discussions relating to this topic and I have come to the conclusion that taking the courage to NOT think big is absolutely OK. Thinking and dreaming big and living the passion are not for everybody. To not want to, is not wrong. What counts is moving forward within given parameters - moving forward by small, mid-size or big steps towards anything better. Enjoy each step forward no matter how small, big or enormous…

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