Why not make your “ideas worth spreading”…?

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Why not make your “ideas worth spreading”…?

This year’s “TEDxZurich” took place last week in the SRF studios, the aim of which was to present ideas worth spreading. As stated by the moderator, it provided a platform for “openness, curiosity, generosity, PEOPLE FIRST and not power first”. “People First” was the slogan of the event. It certainly was an event full of energy and drive, and it had that certain little something that made it very special.

“People First” i.e Humanity, whether in relation to diversity, human rights, investments, the digital world, data security, health, happiness, creativity and more, was the key topic. The speakers introduced us to their world and showed how they put “People First” through their ideas and work.

Yes, our world would indeed be a better place to live, if all of us and all the global governing powers did put “People First”. The TED speakers proved, by means of their chosen paths, that it was/is possible to do so.

In my opinion these speakers all have the following in common:

They make a difference with what they are doing.

They have decided to go for impact.

They think big and outside the box.

They have will power.

They challenge the status quo.

They focus on moving forward and achieving.

They have, at a certain point in time, taken the courage to make a start and to take the first step.

What about you? How many ideas circulate in your head day after day? Are you constantly tortured by one particular idea that you so wish you had the courage to realise? Tempting thoughts come and go. Why not try to make your ideas a reality? It could work couldn’t it? But then the rational mind interferes and creates a number of reasons as to why you should not try and why it is impossible.

One thing is certain, the good ideas which have become successful and worth spreading had to start somewhere. It certainly took persistence and time to get to where they are today.

So why not take the courage to make your “ideas worth spreading” too? If your idea stays at the forefront of your mind day and night and you are so passionate about it, then there is only one thing to do – make it happen! As Friedrich Nietzsche says, “ He who has a Why to live can bear almost any How”.

You are not sure where to start? Let’s talk: contact me.

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