Why bother to take the courage to move forward?

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Why bother to take the courage to move forward?

Yes, why actually bother at all to aspire to achieve more and to want to move forward while things are working just fine? Why bother, as you have already reached your cosy comfort zone - a place where you feel reassured, where you feel good and can therefore see no reason to change. Being a bit braver, trying to progress, taking on more responsibility, facing conflicts rather than avoiding them, exploring unknown shores, these are all well and good, but for other people, not for you.

Does this sound a bit like you? Don’t worry, you are allowing yourself to be influenced by the voice of the “Status Quo”. This is the norm for most people so you are not alone.

But perhaps you really should be worrying (let’s be a bit pessimistic for a moment) because not having the urge to progress and move forward, be it in your private or professional life, means that you are living in “standstill”. “Standstill” means always staying the same, the same today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, in two years, five years and so on. So you should really be worrying because the world around you is moving forward and is screaming for change, for progress and for you to live life to the full.

I recall Eleanor Roosevelt saying: “Most folks tiptoe gently through life only to make it safely to death.” I am sorry, if this sounds a bit too depressing, but it is indeed a sad reality.

So not bothering to take the courage to move forward will mean that sooner or later you will be left behind and this should be a good enough reason for you to really start to bother.

If you have realised that it is worth starting to bother then this is already a courageous first step. Congratulations! Now the art is to continue to dig deeper and to not lose sight of your project to move forward. Make it your priority and devote a little time to it every day. Make it part of your daily routine.

Take the courage to bother! Being left behind is never fun! Let’s talk about it.(Contact)

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