“Why ask for permission to be courageous?

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Why ask for permission to be courageous?

The "Berlin Change Days" event that took place in October this year under the motto “Courage & Corporate Activism” was very inspiring for me in many ways. As I was going through my notes from the event I came across the question: “Why ask for permission to be courageous?” This question has inspired me to share some thoughts with you in this blog.

Unfortunately being courageous or taking the courage to act in a particular way does not come naturally to everybody. Therefore asking for permission to be allowed to, or to be permitted to do something comes first on the agenda of many people, especially those who consider being courageous as a quality and asset reserved for people other than themselves.

Personally I come across a lot of people who relate “Courage” to something big, something to which they don’t have access, something that is available only to the courageous, but not to them. They consider themselves unable to use it to move forward.

The fact is that courage exists within all of us. It is just a question of how each individual uses and develops it. As Ruth Gordon once said: “Courage is like a muscle, it is strengthened by use.”

Now how about you? Where do you see yourself? Maybe also grouped together with those who tend to ask for permission to be courageous? If your answer is YES, then it is time to make a new start and consider courage as an asset available to you personally. Maybe you are still not convinced? Then try to consider the price you are currently paying and would be paying in the future for all the missed opportunities and chances.

“Courage comes in small acts”. This was also one of the statements in “Berlin Change Days” and summarises exactly what I believe. Starting small and taking a calculated risk is always good. Ask a daring question today, speak up in a meeting tomorrow, come up with an idea the week after, make a daring decision over the coming months…This is how you start to learn to stop asking for permission, to learn to act courageously and soon you will find yourself moving forward, be it in your personal or professional life.

To inspire you to rethink courage, I would like to share with you some definitions of courage from participants at the “Berlin Change Days” event:

“Courage is disconnecting from a position of power and reconnecting with personal power.”

“Courage is being truthful to yourself.”

“Trust is the other side of the coin: Courage – Trust.”

“Courage is willingly taking the risk that something we value could die so that something else can be born.”

“Courage is to amplify the inner voice.”

“Courage is self-care.”

“Courage is being brave in new territories.”

“Courage is to put yourself and your beliefs in position number ONE.”

“A small amount of courage from me can have a bigger impact on others.”

“Courage is letting go of control.”

I would love to know your definition of courage. If so far you haven’t defined it, then now is the time. Just take the courage to create your own definition - it could serve as your motto and source of inspiration on your path to “moving forward”.

So take the courage to stop asking for permission. Start training your courage muscles in order to move forward in your life and career. Make the virtue of courage your own…too big of a challenge? Let’s talk (Contact me)

Take the courage to move forward

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