“When you have arrived. But still have places to go”

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“When you have arrived. But still have places to go”

The other day I came across the Chevrolet marketing campaign: “When you have arrived. But still have places to go”.

It reminds me of the sigh of relief from those job seekers who, after a huge amount of effort, finally managed to secure their next job and contract, which is not easy in today’s tough job market. Being allowed a sigh of relief is indeed the least that they deserve after all their hard work.

But what all too often happens is that many job seekers let the belief that “they have arrived” and that they have made it limit their view into the future. Being in the comfort of having a job again, they forget about all the challenges, hurdles and difficulties that they had to overcome whilst trying to secure their new position. Especially worth mentioning are those who had focused on one employer for many years, had been extremely loyal and had neglected their own positioning and employability on the job market.

Once again they start to forget about the bigger picture of their career and future and confine themselves to the immediate borders of their role. They start to show up again only when they have to, stop keeping an eye on what is happening outside their immediate work environment and stop maintaining and growing their network. Once again they start to neglect the fact that the future is constantly happening and will not wait for them.

In short “having arrived” is good, but is not good enough. “Having arrived” is one possible interim step, but there are “still places to go”, more to discover, more to create, more to make happen.

So take the courage not to limit yourself by “having arrived” and keep an eye on the future of work and where it is going and how you want to move forward along with it…

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