“When did you lose your voice?”

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“When did you lose your voice?”

“All these microphones, all this amplification, and we’re stuck, unable to use them. Not because the amplifier doesn’t work, but because we are unwilling to use it.

The Internet has given anyone with something to say the freedom to say it. It has given us the freedom to connect, the freedom to be generous, and the freedom to make a difference. And we (all of us) refuse to use this freedom to the fullest, because we can’t bear to live with the internal narrative it would create – the narrative of responsibility and risk and failure.

To be really clear here, I don’t think you’ve lost your voice, not at all. I think your voice is there, it always has been, but the thought that you might be able to use it is paralyzing.

Don’t fight this feeling of dread. Don’t fight this fear. Acknowledge it and speak, regardless.

Is it easy? Of course not. If it were easy, you’d already be doing it. Just as the marathon runner is exhausted, the person with a loud and clear voice is afraid. 

But she speaks, regardless.

First in a whisper if you must, but begin.”

Today, I felt the urge to share Seth Godin’s voice with you - a voice with an amazing ability to bring things to the point.

During my conversations with people, I often realise the incredible fear and reservation that they have in finding their voice. I encounter people who seem to be waiting for somebody to give them permission to go ahead and use it.

What about you? When will you take the courage to start whispering, to begin to use your voice to move forward?

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