What type of courage is needed to advance professionally in a digital world?

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What type of courage is needed to advance professionally in a digital world?

Automation and Artificial Intelligence are affecting our professional lives. They are changing the nature of work fundamentally…

We keep hearing and reading such statements on a daily basis. The uncharted future seems to be connected with so many uncertainties and fears. But how does one get future-ready? There is one magic word heard over and over in speeches, articles, blogs and roundtable discussions: COURAGE. It truly serves as a means to combat those fears.

Here are some ideas on what type of courage could contribute to the advancement of your professional future in a digital world:

The courage to accept that the future is happening NOW!

The courage to commit a set amount of time every day to work on your future project. Remember, the future is evolving on a daily basis.

The courage to take responsibility and control, because you do not want your future to be shaped by others.

The courage not to lose belief in yourself, to value your personality and to stick to your values, because you are the essential ingredient of your future.

The courage to take a step back, to reflect and decide about your future direction. A future that may not be assured by means of one solution. A future, which may require a number of different, dynamic and parallel solutions.

The courage to make use of the opportunities offered by the future of work. By doing this you automatically adopt a winning versus loosing mindset.

The courage to embrace a creative mindset, as ready and perfect jobs may not be the nature of the future of work.

The courage to follow a dynamic and flexible path in order to meet the upcoming challenges. Rigidity and stiffness are not the language of the future.

The courage to face your fears and take big and radical steps as a way to move forward, as small steps might just not be enough.

The courage to commit to the life-long learning in order to stay future- ready.

The courage to act and show up as there is nobody out there waiting for you.

The courage to adopt a mindset of collaboration, as the future values collectivisim versus individualism.

Take the courage to adopt a courageous mindset to make yourself future-ready. If you feel that is too much of a challenge, let’s talk…(Contact me)


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