What about your values?

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What about your values?

I am sure that if I asked you to name your values, both personal and professional, that you would be able to list them for me in no time, wouldn’t you?

But would you also know what they really mean to you and the ways in which they drive your actions and behaviour?

Looking closer at your values and understanding what they really mean to you, could help you to shift mountains and to achieve goals. With this in mind, I would like to share with you the view of Ronald Amsler the founder of nlp institute zurich (nlp-institut zürich):

“Our values drive our actions, but despite them being the fundamental principles of our life, we live them very occasionally in a conscious way.

Any objective, any change requires a motivation and a motivation can only happen, if people strive for those values, which are important to them or to avoid those, which they are afraid of. A motivation driven by fear leads us at most by chance to our real goal. We end up in any kind of jobs for the fear of failing...and in passing tracks, in which we feel less fear short-term. In order to find out, what each value really means to us, we need to experience them, connect them to relevant representations (events) and experience them with all our senses.“

By living our values consciously and experiencing them with all our senses i.e by visualising them, “hearing” and “seeing” them and thereby connecting those values to certain situations can help us to find out more about our inner attachment to our values. How important are they to us? And why? How can desired changes in our behaviour and actions be achieved through a shift of focus on our values?

Take the courage to get to know your values to enable yourself to move forward.

Hesitating how to start? (Contact me). You do not have to win this “battle” alone…

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