Use the "design thinking" mindset to boost your job search!

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Use the "design thinking" mindset to boost your job search!

Thanks to “The Design Thinking Playbook” I was introduced to the “design thinking” mindset. “It is the first book that completely concentrates on the mindset of “design thinking” from the first to the last page.” With a combination of simple language, story telling and visuals it explains the concept of “design thinking” in a “light hearted” and “fresh” way. (

I love the way “The Design Thinking Playbook” defines and presents the mindset required. Today’s disruptive career philosophy and job search (You may also refer to my blog "Disruptive job search") can only be mastered by means of a creative and unconventional way of thinking and a “design thinking” mindset.

Here are some aspects of “The Design Thinking Playbook” mindset that you can use to make better progress in your job search or new orientation process:

“Driven by curiosity.

We are curious, open, continuously asking questions and changing perspective to look at things from a different angle.

Accepting complexity.

We explore the key to complex systems, accept uncertainty and the fact that complex system problems also require complex solutions.

Visualizing and demonstrating.

We use stories, visuals and simple language to share our insights...

Co-creating, growing & scaling.

We are continuously expanding our capabilities...

Developing process awareness.

We know where we are in the design thinking process...

Networking Collaboration 

We work ad hoc, together, agile and in a network manner.

Giving careful consideration to our actions.

We give careful consideration to our thoughts, actions and to our attitudes as these often influence what we do.”

Take the courage to adopt the “design thinking” mindset as you move forward and let’s talk if you need help. (Contact me)

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