“There is nothing wrong with thinking INSIDE THE BOX”

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“There is nothing wrong with thinking INSIDE THE BOX

“... There is nothing wrong with thinking inside the box. A square can contain your inner thoughts & dearest words.” I came across this statement a while ago and somehow I loved it. These words have stayed with me and today I feel the urge to write about them.

My work philosophy: “Take the courage to move forward” often demands that one thinks outside the box and encourages individuals to smash the box. However, the reflection process that enables us to move forward also requires thinking inside the box, in this context the box means inside oneself (i.e The ME-box). The box in which we store our key drivers, our essence and our inner-self. 

Our energy and core motivation come from inside this box, where our true self, our “internal mind”, our soul and true nature live - basically all the key ingredients that create the uniqueness of each individual.

So yes, there is nothing wrong with thinking inside the “ME-box”. It is in fact essential! It is often the contents stored inside “The ME-box” that make us shine on the outside, that make us attractive, that make us popular with our families, friends and colleagues and that make us a desirable candidate, a future employee or business partner etc.

Thinking inside the box is what drives the thinking process outside the box and what inspires us to move forward.

So take the courage NOT to forget about “thinking inside The ME-box”. Let me know if you are having difficulties. I would be delighted to help: (Contact me)

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