“takethecourage.com” - live today!

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“takethecourage.com” - live today!

Today’s professional world constantly presents us with new, often, big challenges, but it also offers many new possibilities and ways in which to create and shape it. The more people discover these possibilities and find the courage to realise them, the better our world will become. A world with more autonomously decisive, energetic and ultimately happy people.

We want to make that happen with the help of the platform: "takethecourage.com“ (http://takethecourage.com) which is live as of today.

Here, you will get to know people who tell their story in a short video about how they have been brave enough to develop themselves further in their professional life.

A big thank you to the first contributors, who took the courage to be a part of this new platform - you should be very proud!

It would be great if you could join us to exchange experiences, inspire others with your stories or to be inspired by others, to learn from each other and connect.

The future means collaboration and mutual support. Let’s use this platform to make this possible.

I look forward to you joining us.

Take the courage to become part of this platform. Together let’s create a better and more positive professional world...

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