Take a breath, sit back and imagine…

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Take a breath, sit back and imagine…

Take a moment to think, when was the last time you had a few minutes during which you were able to imagine one thing in your life, be it professionally or privately, that you really want to achieve, or change for the better?

Well, let’s do it now. Maybe you are sitting on the train and commuting to or from work. Maybe you are sitting in front of your computer not feeling particularly inspired and just wasting time. Maybe you are on your lunch break, or maybe you can just afford to take a moment and sit back…

So please, sit back, straighten your spine and breath in. Exactly, well done. Can you feel the air going down bit by bit and filling your lungs? Hold it for a few moments and then s-l-o-w-l-y exhale. If you wish you can repeat, if needed, close your eyes, and breath until you feel comfortable and ready. If you prefer to have your eyes closed, it would be best to read the rest of this text and then start the process. 

Hopefully you have now distanced yourself a little from what’s going on in your immediate surroundings. Focus. Try to imagine a light beam coming down and shining onto your head, entering your skull, lighting up and creating an immense source of enriching energy. Let the light beam lead you towards that little corner in your head where your wishes and dreams are slumbering comfortably. Focus. Allow yourself to enter this comfort zone and chose one thing, large or small, that you wish to change or achieve. Take your time, breathe and make your choice.

Now focus on your choice, look at it and imagine your ideal scenario with your choice as the central point. How does it look? Take the courage to draw that picture in your head, give it form, shape and colour and focus on it for a few moments. Who are you? Where are you? What are you doing? What have you created or achieved? What does your ideal world look like? Who else is with you? How does it feel? You can revive and enjoy this scenario for as long as you wish or as long as you can. Whenever it is good for you, stop and focus on that ideal moment in your life and s-l-o-w-l-y bring it to the present. If you had your eyes closed, now open them slowly.

Take a deep breath and look again at the scenario that you have taken with you. How does it feel? How big is the urge to really get out and make it happen? Be it something big or small, how precious is that “reality” for you? What difference would it mean to your life if you could make it happen? 

Now if you can feel an urge to achieve that scenario, to make it happen, then why not examine the possibility in more detail? What really stands in your way? Take time to highlight your questions, your risks and your fears. Ask yourself the important questions, the scary ones and the big ones. Ask for support to help you overcome the difficulties and obstacles. If that ideal scenario cannot be achieved exactly as you pictured it in your head, then amend it. Try to look at it from a number of different perspectives and work out a strategy in order to get you there. If necessary, invest more time in imagining that scenario over and over again and rework it until it fits your ideal vision.

Take the courage to breath, to sit back, to imagine your world the way you would like it to be and to make it happen! Do not forget to ask yourself: What would be the price you would have to pay if you do not try to make it happen?

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