STUCK or in the FLOW?

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STUCK or in the FLOW?

The new orientation process is an amazing process. If pursed with drive, conviction and an awareness of the impact it can have; it can work miracles. It can change our lives and turn our careers upside down. It can open doors and create opportunities that we would have never even thought of. It can show us a future that would only have ever been a figment of our imagination and it can literally lead us "to create a different version of our future and to fall in love with that version", as Seth Godin says in one of his blogs.

I encounter people, on a daily basis, who are trying to move forward, be it in search of a better life, a better job or a different career, but they have come to a standstill. No energy, no flow, no courage, a complete standstill.

We need FLOW in order to create the future. We need to feel energised and to have a forward thinking spirit. How can we achieve this? We all differ and have different ways of accessing our energy zone, exploring it and growing it.

Here are a few suggestions:

It needs a little courage to take the first step. Go for it. It does not bite. 

Just stop doing what you are doing. Take a break. Create space first.

Your mind is in control. Decide and commit to the Flow and Energy.

Take responsibility for your own state of mind. Meditation is a proven path. Try it.

Surround yourself with people full of energy and positive spirit. Be inspired by their energy level and learn how they do it. Ask for help.

Sitting in your office cubicle, staring at the computer screen only dries you up. Move. Get out into nature and let yourself be “energised” by the flow and beauty of nature.

Start to recognise your fears. What makes you freeze and unable to act?

Start small, the first step does not have to be a large one, but it will make a big difference.


Take the courage to step into the FLOW and to recharge your ENERGY zone in order to be able to create your future. Enjoy living in the FLOW, it really does create a sense of empowerment…

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