Trapped between the past and the future?

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Trapped between the past and the future?

The past and the future, two very obvious stages in our life: Our past connected with experiences and stories and our future lying in front of us, also connected with experiences and stories, which we are yet to discover.

I often encounter people who find themselves in some sort of vacuum between their past and future making their new orientation process and job search very difficult. The past often seems too far away and the future too difficult to reach and unimaginable. More often than most job seekers would care to admit, the vacuum takes over and creates an obstacle to the future. All too often wishes and dreams are let go, victims of fear of the unknown or sometimes categorized as too high risk. 

The challenge is to overcome this vacuum. How best to do this?

This vacuum will automatically start to shrink when plans for the future develop out of one’s comfort zone. The future will unfold when one is feeling self-confident and has the courage to face the future. The vacuum WILL NOT shrink when one feels fear, resignation and thinks of oneself as a victim, however it WILL shrink when one’s perspective on the job search changes from “I must find a job” to “I want to design my future job and career”. When career progression is no longer regarded as a strict straightforward path, but recognised as a path that requires adaptation to unconventional ways of working, to creativity and innovation, then the vacuum will be no more!

Take the courage NOT to let the “vacuum” prevent you from moving forward towards the wealth of experiences and stories of the future waiting for you…

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