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This was the motto of this year’s League of Leading Ladies Conference (www.2016.leagueofleadingladies.com), which took place in Interlaken last week. The conference provided an inspiring platform and was the perfect place to listen to inspirational words from well-known personalities (gentlemen as well as ladies) such as prof. Erin Meyer, Alfredo Häberli, Alexa Clay, Sheila Lirio Marcelo, Alain Visser and many more. It was a great opportunity to exchange ideas and to “smash the box” with like-minded people.

It was interesting to listen to the keynote speakers’ own stories and to learn how they started “smashing the box”, thinking big and achieving great things. The bottom line was that they were all in agreement that extraordinary and big things happen when we dare to make our dreams come true, when we turn our weaknesses into our strengths, when we look for the unexpected and when we do not abandon ourselves to mediocrity. To achieve creativity we need to put our intuition to good use and more importantly we need to allow and make time for things to happen.

Further words of encouragement:

“Do not care about what others will think.”

“Be vulnerable.”

“Consider the importance of believing in ourselves and our strengths.”

“Grow. Think differently.”

“Do not wait for perfection. It will never be perfect.”

“Overcome your passivity. Go ahead and do it.”

Most of us live within our own personal constraints, within self-inflicted boxes that we have built around ourselves over the years. We all struggle one way or another to free ourselves and to fulfil our life in the way we really want to, however all too often we come to a standstill. We feel that we have to overcome far more obstacles than there are in reality and we give up on “smashing the box” and choose to continue to live our safe existence. 

If we can dream it, we can do it. Yes this is literally how it could work. Obviously a certain amount of open-mindedness is required, together with a readiness to overcome fear, to embrace courage and to take that first step towards realising our dreams. It’s important not to forget that, more often than not, we overestimate the risk involved. This is normal human behaviour. We should overcome our fears, distance ourselves and check out how big the related risks towards fulfilling our dreams are in reality. 

…Why not try “smashing the box”? “If you can dream it, you can do it”. Take the courage to do so. If at first it seems a bit too risky, then try to take one small step at a time and realise your dreams…Enjoy!

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