“Remix your routine” to get the job you want.

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“Remix your routine” to get the job you want.

Reebok aims to inspire us with its “Mashup” Summer Collection 2016 and its slogan “remix your routine” to unleash your inner warrior, to feel strong, confident and fit, to express your attitude and to stand out from the crowd. The collection is bold, colourful and represents a lifestyle choice. 

This slogan inspired me to think about the routine way in which the majority of job seekers go about finding their ideal job. Often I encounter job seekers who have lost their way with regards to their job search routine. I find them in a de-energized state, with no strong inner warrior, no energy, no movement, no colours, no confidence and certainly nowhere near as fit as they are supposed to be in order to secure the position they so desire. Consequently it is not surprising that they struggle to convince their employers of choice.

Having a routine is no bad thing, on the contrary, a routine and working persistently on a topic and following up is essential. However, allowing your job search to be governed by a set routine is just not enough. Energy, drive, forward movement and success come from breaking routines, from getting out, from mixing with others, from finding out what is happening in the outside world and from discovering what your competitors are doing.

Here are some more thoughts on how you could also remix and enrich your routine:

Start your day with some sporting activity or just take a walk outside to help yourself to wake up and to stimulate your senses. I am convinced that the power of movement, fresh air and nature cannot be beaten.

Plan some daily reflection time and breaks. I mean proper breaks, switching off totally!

No employer is interested in hiring “dried up” personnel. Refuel by planning a proper holiday. NO guilty conscience allowed and no excuses like “I should actually be looking for a job.”

Watch out for gatherings, events, lectures and workshops related to your job or your interests, even if you are very contact and network shy. Take the courage to join in and meet others.

Laugh more often and don’t forget to have a sense of humour even when your job search is getting tough. Laughter and a sense of humour help you to stay emotionally healthy and contribute to your success.

Alongside your perfect job profile on the paper, allow yourself to dream from time to time. Imagine the big picture, your desired job with all its facets. Dreaming empowers and makes you aware of your wishes and desires. 

Take the courage to “remix your routine”. Operate outside the box, use variety, power and energy in order to get your desired job…

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