Moving forward does not have to happen alone – get the support and inspiration you need…

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Moving forward does not have to happen alone – get the support and inspiration you need…

As it comes to the end of the summer season I have had to take leave of my most favourite summer sport, namely swimming in the lake, preferably in the early morning. The other day, despite the fresh autumn temperature, I went to the lake to swim maybe for the last time this year. On that particular day, the sky was grey and the sun seemed not to want to make an appearance. I found myself standing beside the water, hesitating to get in. Honestly I felt quite cold. There was also a fresh wind blowing, which made me think, maybe better not. 

Whilst I was standing there hesitating, I saw three other people I knew approaching the water with the same aim. As far as they were concerned there was no question of hesitating, they just tackled the cold water and were swimming in no time, shouting how nice the water was and motivating me to get in. Feeling inspired by them, I got into the water and followed my swimming routine as I do on summer days. It was so beautiful and energising. I was so thankful to the others who inspired me not to give up and to go for it.

How often have you been aiming to achieve something, wanting to move forward in some way or other, but missing the right people around you? Those who could inspire, motivate you and give you the confidence that you can do it. We are all humans. We have our emotions, doubts and shortcomings, but with a little support from others we can achieve more than we think.

Some people are reluctant to ask for help or to find inspirational sources, even though it would help them to move forward. In today’s complex world, there is no doubt that moving forward alone is quite challenging. 

The art is to find the right people to support you. Be it in your professional life, for example regarding your next career step, succeeding in a project and so on, or finding the right support to achieve a goal in your private life. The question is WHO is the right person? Here are some thoughts:

Before you start your search, set your exact criteria. What are your needs and what kind of resources should that person bring? At the end of the day, it is often the individual’s personality that counts. You either match or you don’t!

Start searching. Consider your network, there is always somebody who knows somebody, who knows somebody…you know what I mean? It is also important to broaden your search and make your own choice. 

Take the courage to search until you find the right person. Deciding for the next best available person or taking any given recommendation without being really convinced might lead to disappointments and loss of time.

The digital world offers an immense choice of inspirational sources. There are incredible resources available, you just need to invest time to find them. The best thing is that they are available at any time and often at no cost.

The key is not to wait too long to ask for help and to find the right support today rather than tomorrow. Waiting for tomorrow is usually not ideal. 

Take the courage to ask and search for the help, support and inspiration you need so that you can move forward successfully.

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