Lost your inspiration?

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Lost your inspiration?

You have got to admit that life can seem quite boring when lacking inspiration. When you have no drive, little energy, nothing to give you goose pimples, nothing you really wish to achieve or fulfil, whether in your personal or professional life, in short with no inspiration, your life is just plain dull! 

One of the simplest definitions of the term “inspiration” I could find is the one in the Oxford Reference Dictionary: A person or thing that makes us want to be better, more successful, etc. Quite probably, this is the common explanation for most of us, however for me true inspiration comes from inside, from our inner-self. It is the fire burning deep inside us, sometimes large, sometimes small, that urges us to break free of our self imposed box and escape. It encourages us to dream, to be creative, to challenge the status-quo, to dismiss “being managed” by others and to take the lead, to create a movement, to do extraordinary things etc. It is the inner desire to want to achieve things and make things happen, be it in our personal life or work life.

All too often I encounter people with little or no fire burning inside them; people with no real drive. Frequently there is a reason behind this feeling, a reason that I fully respect. What I really want to challenge is why some people totally lack inspiration. This can result from simple neglect, from setting priorities on a surface level only, from having lost the ability to allow one-self to be inspired and how to use this extraordinary inner power or for a number of other reasons.

Are you happy living a plain, dull life lacking the power of inspiration? Here are some simple ways to rediscover your inspiration:

Change your mind-set to want to be inspired. You need to truly want to rediscover it.

Look back at your life and career. Make the journey back to understand what inspired you to achieve what you have already achieved? Make a list. Maybe you can see a pattern?

Being inspired does not happen under pressure or at the push of a button. You need to create the necessary space to allow yourself to be inspired. You need to find the right environment. This might take time and that is OK.

Be aware of your inner self. This is not a science, you just need to take your time and listen to your gut feeling about a topic. What is your gut telling you? How does it make you feel? 

Rediscover inspiration from inspiring people, hunt them down, talk to them, ask them, learn from them and get inspired by them.

Start allowing yourself to be inspired a little each day. Create the moment, start small and let it grow slowly, just trust yourself. If you have been able to be inspired in the past, you will be able to be inspired in the future.

And remember – it is never too late to start…

Take the courage to rediscover your inspiration, it will help you to move forward and to be successful – it will make a difference…

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