Let’s make the mindset of “moving forward” as a matter of fact in our professional life!

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Let’s make the mindset of “moving forward” as a matter of fact in our professional life!

The International Labour Organisation ILO makes a clear point: “The future of work has never been more uncertain and our duty to shape it has never been more urgent.”

This might sound a bit “scary” at first glance, but if you take a minute and just think about the phrase “our duty to shape it”, it is actually quite amazing. The freedom and countless opportunities to shape our work is so enormous today, more than ever before.

The terms “creating” and “shaping” have many different dimensions. I see progress in our professional life as one of its most essential dimensions. By progress in this context, I mean the ability to enable one-self to constantly move forward. The spirit of progress enables us to watch out for opportunities to shape, to create and to make things happen. This will automatically enable us to keep up with future challenges.

Moving forward can be challenging at times and the ability to do so can even be out of reach for some people. To achieve it you need courage, energy and constant change. To make sure that you’re not alone, but have somewhere to exchange experiences and ideas and have support, we have created a platform, that will be launched soon. In doing so, we want to facilitate courage and progress for more people. We’ll keep you updated about the launch of the platform.

I am looking forward to you joining us. Let’s keep in mind what Tony Robbins says: “Progress equals happiness” This is what counts. Progress in our professional life will lead to progress and happiness in our personal life.

Take the courage to become part of this platform. Together let’s create a better and more positive professional world...

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