Jobs of the future

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Jobs of the future

We keep hearing and reading about jobs of the future and the skills required. There are so many creative minds and inspiring articles and blogs that take us on journeys to the future world of work. Even though they are only predictions, as nobody really knows what kind of jobs will form the future job market, it is so inspiring to read and learn more and more about them and picture what the future job market could look like in 5, 10, 15 years or more.

The future means a disruptive job market, disruptive jobs, new skill sets, new educational channels, great opportunities and numerous possibilities to form our careers, perhaps not all of them relevant to us, but certainly to our children and grand children. 

Just out of interest and for fun, I have collected an overview of possible future jobs and wanted to share some of them with you without going into detailed descriptions. Be inspired and think “future jobs”:

Old Age Wellness Manager

Insect-Based Food Developer

End-of-Life Planner

Genetic Hacker

Virtual Police

Desert Land Rights Trader

Climate Change Compliance Auditor / Business Consultant for Climate Change Compliance

In-House Simplicity Expert

Mind Reading Specialist

Privacy Protection Consultant

Chief In-Company Health Enhancement Officer / In-Company Gene Screener

Robot Counsellor

Human to Machine Interface Controller

Human to Machine Team Manager

Memory Augmentation Surgeon

Space Tour Guide

Vertical Farmer

Trash Engineer

Memory Surgeon

Personal Internet Security Repair Person

Chef Ethical Officer

Human Listener

Cyber City Analyst

….and more

One thing is certain, the future of work in the age of digitalisation seems to be limitless, full of opportunities and possibilities, but also for many people full of uncertainties and fear. To keep up with the “flow” you need to adopt a creative mindset, be ready to adapt, make friends with the life-long learning process, explore opportunities, have courage and just be part of IT.

Take the courage to move forward and design your own future job, especially when the current job market does not play along with your wishes and desires…

Give a big cheer for the future of work and the work of the future…

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