7 tips on how to “glow” courageously as you follow your professional new orientation process

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7 tips on how to “glow” courageously as you follow your professional new orientation process

Finding a new job, in today’s job market especially after long years of having been in the same job and with the same employer can be very challenging. Many job seekers tend to find themselves in a kind of “dampened down” and fearful mood when the process drags on. It is challenging for them to retainthe drive, courage and positive energy necessary to move forward.

Here are 7 ways, which could help you to “glow” courageously as you follow the process:

1. Look after yourself – stay in shape
Your personal fitness on a mental, spiritual and physical level is key. It is the central force behind anything and everything you undertake in the process. It is the source of your confidence, courage and “glow”. Get help and support if you cannot do it alone. Surround yourself with people who can take care of you.

2. Always keep sight of your end goal and your vision
Keeping your vision and your end goal in sight will always give you the power to continue. Your ultimate vision and goal might not be necessarily to find the next job, it might be something to take you in another direction completely and perhaps create even bigger aspirations. Your next job might be just a means to an end. So don’t let the short- term disappointments and less successful stories be the drivers of your journey. The ability to keep your vision and end goal in sight is an incredible skill, keep drawing from it and it will give you the courage to move forward one step after the other.

3. Use all the facets of your personality to shine
At the end of the day it is not only about your academic titles and your know-how, abilities and experiences. Win with your charisma. Use the power of your entire resource pool such as your beliefs, values, your attitudes, wishes, interests, habits etc. to “glow” courageously as you continue along your path.

4. Draw from your past courageous success stories
It might have been quite a while ago that you found yourself looking for a new job or looking to change your career path. But you have succeeded in completing challenging tasks and projects in the past and have generally been able to overcome challenging times in life, where you needed to take the courage, think out of the box, reinvent, be creative and so on. Examine those past experiences and find out which mindset helped you to be courageous and successful. Remind yourself of your qualities. If they worked back then, then they will work now as well. Admittedly perhaps with a few adjustments…

5.Commit to talking courageously
Whether it is about talking to yourself and developing thoughts and plans or talking to others, commit to talking decisively and in an action oriented manner. Leave your conditional language behind. Embrace the ‘I CAN’ and ‘I WANT’ terms instead of ‘I could’ and ‘I would’ language. It will make a huge difference. Move forward by using the language of confidence. Believe in yourself.

6. Surround yourself with amazing, energetic and courageous people
I love the quote by Jim Rohn, the American entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker: “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”. Time to look around yourself and see who surrounds you. If you need more courage, energy and inspiration as you move forward, then look for people who have these traits. Build new relationships, get inspired and learn from them.

7. Continuously challenge your comfort zone
The luxury of the comfort zone is indeed so warm and pleasant. While it is good to have certain job search routines and strategies where you feel confident with the time, they might not serve you best. Continuously challenge your job search routines and strategies. Examine your plans and actions. Ask yourself, how you could move further? What would be the cost of inaction and sticking to your comfort zone?

Take the courage to move forward

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