“10 things you must improve every day to get whatever you want”

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“10 things you must improve every day to get whatever you want”

Those of you who follow me on social media might have recognized that I am a big fan of Jim Rohn. He was an American entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker. I love his character, his unique way of bringing things to the point with humour, but also using a bit of sarcasm. He is from the “old school” (1930 – 2009), but his words and thoughts are not “old school” at all. They are as much relevant to our life, job and career today as they were in former times.

I listened to a recording of one of his speeches the other day and it inspired me so much so that I feel the urge to share it with you today. I decided to quote the text for you. I believe that written text still has impact and that, even today, it cannot be totally eliminated by videos.

Let yourself be inspired by Jim Rohn and take some of his thoughts with you on your journey as you move forward.

Learning the power of purpose
A person who has purpose in their life, they have something to go for, some meaning. It has to be something that does something to us. Something that pulls us. If you have a list of high purpose in your life, it pulls you towards the future. And the more powerful the purpose is, the stronger it pulls. And here is the other great advantage if you have purpose for the futureit pulls you through all kinds of challenges and difficulties. 

Where does self-confidence come from? Not neglecting first of all the small daily disciplines. Self-confidence comes first of all from feeling good about yourself. And one of the best ways to feel good about yourself is that at end of the day you know you did your best. At the end of a day when you feel good about yourself, self-confidence starts to rise. You know that you have had a good day and you could have another one the next day. Those days become weeks and the weeks become months. The months become a powerful year. Self-confidence comes from the lack of neglect. If you don’t neglect the small daily disciplines, that’s where self-confidence comes from. Self-confidence affects your health. It affects your future, your psychology. Self-confidence means the willingness to do whatever it needs to achieve. 

Enthusiasm is powerful - mostly enthusiasm that is 90% inside and 10 % outside.  The enthusiasm that really affects people. The enthusiasm that runs deep. The enthusiasm that comes from deep inside. It is not just loud. It is created by self-confidence. Created by purpose. Created by a genuine willingness to help other people. This is the enthusiasm that really motivates you to do your best job.

Wanting to excel in all skills and settling for nothing less than an outstanding performanceis the driver. If you are willing to be the best in your field. If you are willing to demand of yourself excellence in the skills to be the best that you can possibly be.

Well prepared, it takes time to prepare. It takes time to get ready. And the decisions you make during the preparation time, those are the decisions that last for a lifetime. Here preparation is valid.  You have to prepare your-self for success. Life seemingly does not wish to waste success on the unprepared.Life says: “Why waste good fortune on this person?”Prepare yourself to be ready for fortune when it comes, for challenge when it comes, ready for opportunity when it comes. Opportunity comes along and passes by the person who is not well prepared. 

Self-reliance means you simply look mostly to yourself. Primarily rely on yourself. Primarily say: “I am the person responsible“. Primarily learning to count on yourself.

There are many parts to one’s image. The image of you that others see and the image that you have with other people and it is very important how other people see you. If they don’t see you as knowing where you are going, what you want to accomplish, they probably won’t follow. If people can see you as an image of someone who is in charge, in control, in control of your life, your future, your destiny, in control of the situation, if they see that, that kind of image is powerful. It helps to win the day. It attracts other people. People want to be around people who are in control, who are powerful, but they know how to use their power. Influential, but they know how to use their influence. That kind of image is important. But there is a very important image and that is the image of your-self. The way you dress, the way you talk, the way you think, your capacity for learning, all of that is an important image that you have of yourself, because one of the important places you have to look is into the future. Yes, you have got to look into the past, yes, you have got to look around, yes, but one of the most important places you have to look is in the mirror. How I appear to other people is important, but how I appear to myself is of ultimate importance. That kind of image is how you develop your self-confidence.

Becoming a person of high value, a person of principles, a person of honesty, a person that earns respect, that kind of character is important. It is important to build the character within yourself. You want people to see you as honest, as fair, willing to do the right thing, willing to be helpful, but always willing to walk the centreline and not to cross that line. Important: Building and developing your own character.

Self-discipline. All of us have a challenge with that. Sometimes it is easy, but sometimes if you are working hard, doing the best you can, it is easy to let it go… but remember so many people are counting on what we do. If everybody would have the self-discipline to say: “I will do the best job I can. I will make mistakes because we are all human, but I will try to remedy those mistakes and try to do the best job I can”. That is the kind of self-discipline that understands how important your part is in all of the functions of work...each person developing the self-discipline to do their part, their job.

The power of extraordinary performance and demanding of yourself excellence results
This is so important. If you want to live extraordinary, you must do extraordinary. If you want extraordinary income, you must do extraordinary things. If you want the extraordinary fortune you must go with the demands of what it takes to have that fortune. You must demand it of yourself…. Society does not demand it of yourself...If you wish it you have to demand it of yourself.

Take the courage to move forward Jim Rohn’s style, always focusing on the power of purpose, self-confidence, enthusiasm, expertise, preparation, self-reliance, your image and character, self-discipline and the power of extraordinary performance…

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