"How to breakthrough and rewire your mind for success”

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“How to breakthrough and rewire your mind for success”

Tony Robbins is an American bestselling author, entrepreneur, philanthropist and life coach. I am sure most of you have already heard about him.

I personally connect Tony with everything to do with progress, whether life progression or career progression. Tony said once about his work: “ I am in the business of breakthroughs.” He definitely is!

The other day I watched an interview with Tony Robbins lead by Kelsey Humphreys, the founder of “The Pursuit”. I felt inspired by some aspects of the interview, which I would like to share with you today:

"Realize your purpose
The reason why you want a certain outcome is actually much more powerful than the outcome itself. Successful people are driven by a deep sense of purpose that gets them hungry in the first place and keeps them hungry.

Risk Failure
Tony puts himself in a position where he is forced to go forward and there is nowhere else to go.

Renew your mind
Tony values reading, but he says that reading is not enough. In today’s culture we read and read information, but we are not applying it. So make sure that you apply what you are learning. You can also renew your mind on a physiological level by reciting incantations, engaging your body and rewiring your brain. If you want to know more about this topic, go and check out his writings and talks.

Recharge your body
Get your blood pumping for at least ten minutes every single day, because there is such a thing as body and mind connection.

Refresh your spirit
You cannot be grateful and angry at the same time. You cannot be grateful and fearful at the same time. Daily gratitude and a praying ritual are further instruments to his success."

Take the courage to find a way to rewire your mind and to make a breakthrough. Let’s talk if you need help. (contact me)

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