How could change always be available at zero cost?

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How could change always be available at zero cost?

“Change is never available at zero-cost.” This is one of the statements that we often hear in connection to “change”. Any change, any movement, any progress comes at a price.

Yes, but what if we started to think that change could always be available at zero cost? 

How about this? Embrace change and make it part of your daily life. Consider it as a part of you that yearns to exist. A part of you, that wants to be seen as your friend and not your enemy. A part of you that is passionate about your growth and the way in which your life and career progress. Try to see change as an available commodity and as a way to enrich your life. 

Change is often connected with fear, risk and loss. What if you turn this around and connect it with courage and enrichment. Stop thinking about losing and start thinking about gaining and winning. Start small, but do this on a regular basis E.g. every week, one small change, that you view with a positive change mindset.

An easy task? I am not saying it is easy, but I am saying that it is feasible. Once you embrace a positive change mindset and regard change as a matter of course in your life and career, then there will be no need to waste time and energy fighting it or trying to survive it.

Remember your role models. How do they embrace change in their life? Observe them, copy them and adopt their formula.

So take the courage to…Let me know how it works for you. (Let me know)

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