Have you achieved your half-year goals?

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Have you achieved your half-year goals?


Time flies indeed! Sven full months of 2019 are over. It is a good time to take a summer break, refuel but also look back at your commitments and achievements. What about all those enthusiastically set goals for the year? Your new-year resolution? Maybe looking for a new job, deciding about a new career path, emphasising on your further development, building your personal brand and more… Are you on track in achieving them?

If yes, congratulations, well done, continue this way and 2019 will be YOUR year. If not, then it is a good time to reflect and find out why. This will help you to avoid disappointment at the end of the year.

While reflecting on the ‘Why’, note that the biggest reason we succeed or fail is the way we communicate with others and with ourselves (self-talk). Here is an effective exercise:

On an A4 sheet, create two columns. In one column, list all the positive words associated with the way you communicate, and on the other the negative ones. If possible, carry the list with you and keep adding to it for 30 days whenever you can.

At the end of the 30 days, appraise your way of communication critically. Which language is driving your moving forward? Is it the language of positivity, confidence, courage, energy and drive or is it one, who’s vocabulary only consists of pessimism, self-doubt, fear and low energy? Or maybe a balance of both? You will automatically see how you can improve your communication in order to succeed in achieving your year’s goals.

Take the courage and move forward by speaking a language of positivity, confidence, courage, energy and drive in the second half of 2019.

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I wish you much success.

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