Hats off and respect to those job seekers who…

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Hats off and respect to those job seekers who…

Today I would like to dedicate a few lines to those job seekers who have been pursuing their job search process with a lot of focus, energy and drive. To those who did not shy away from hard work, who kept going the extra mile and who were not afraid to adopt unconventional methods. To those who were unable to secure the jobs they so desired despite all the tireless work and commitment to their new orientation process. 

Lately I have been hearing many stories of disappointment and unprofessionalism with regard to the processes driven by employers, recruiters, the unemployment office etc. Today’s job market is already very challenging in a number of different ways and our environment also seems to contribute to the hardship of the situation.

The recruiting processes and practices of many organisations leave a lot to be desired. The cooperation with recruiting agencies is a hot topic in itself. There seems to be a lot of “opportunistic unprofessional behaviour” around. No hiring potential and no feedback seem to be order of the day. As far as the unemployment office is concerned, the process and administration often seem to gain the upper hand over the human aspect. This can create a lot of pressure, frustration and hardship. 

In general many job seekers seem to experience a great deal of lack of respect from the different “stakeholders.” What a shame. Respect is the basic ingredient of living and working together.

So taking all these aspects into consideration, I can only take my hat off to the category of job seekers mentioned above and say, “take the courage to continue”. Persistence, patience, continuous reflection, hard work and disruptive ways of pursuing one’s job search will bring success. All the best!

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