Happy New Year and Thank You

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Happy New Year and Thank You

I wish you and your loved ones, with all my heart, a Happy New Year! A year full of happiness, health, peace, joy, success and of course COURAGE. It could be a magical year, during which all your wishes and dreams come true… A bit of magic wouldn’t be bad, would it?

I don’t know if you feel the same way, but when it comes to the count down of the old and the start of the new year, I feel quite emotional. When I think about the prospect of having a brand new year ahead of me, 365 days just waiting to be lived, a year of new experiences, new ideas and new opportunities, new stories, I get goose pimples all over!

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate and say a big THANK YOU to those who trusted me, followed my guidance, took the courage and moved forward over the past year. They should be very proud of themselves!

Also a big THANK YOU to those who supported me and stood by my side over the past 12 months whilst I continued to plan the development of my empowerment platform: “Take The Courage To Move Forward”. Yet another big THANK YOU to those who shared with me their opinions and thoughts on the topic, to those who shared my vision and wanted to be part of the movement over the course of this year!

What am I up to in 2017? I am taking the courage to move forward and will launch further facets of my courage platform. WHY? Because I believe that our world would be a much better place if all of us took the courage to move forward and to make the things that matter happen. My main focus will continue to be on moving forward professionally. This area is my “home”, my speciality and the place from which I am best able to contribute, thanks to my expertise and passion to people’s success. I am hoping that I can inspire you to become part of my movement in one or other way.

By the way, have you already taken the courage to move forward professionally in the past? I would be delighted to know about it, because you could be an inspiration or a role model for others by sharing your story. Want to know more? Please contact me: (contact)

I wish you all the very best and hope that you find the courage to move forward in 2017!

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