“Future is full of destinations”

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“Future is full of destinations”

This is how Swiss inspires its customers to discover the world. This slogan caught my eye the other day. It brought to mind those individuals who are going through the new orientation and job search process with a total lack of conviction, a pessimistic attitude and no faith in their personal abilities. They are of the opinion that they are faced with an endless amount of closed doors rather than open ones with opportunities and chances awaiting them. I know that there are always reasons why people adopt such an attitude and I do respect those reasons, nevertheless the future waits for no one and a shift of perspective is key here to move forward and to discover a future full of possible destinations. How best to do this?

The belief in one’s personal ability can shift mountains. I see it day after day through my work with successful job seekers. They choose the route of self-confidence and self-belief and they focus on concentrating on their personal abilities. They know for what they stand and are convinced of their beliefs and values. They know what they can do best and what they want. In addition, successful job seekers keep the future trends of the job market in view. They act flexibly, are willing to learn and are interested in working with different strategies. If one strategy does not work, they are willing to try the next one. What is more, they consider smart networking and self-branding strategies as well. 

So yes, the future is full of possible destinations and opportunities, but that doesn’t come for free, it requires hard work. One’s personal abilities play a vital role and there are some additional attributes that contribute to your success, such as passion, tenacity, intuition, faith, inspiration, courage and the ability to improvise, as Philipp Petit states in his TED talk. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k3zZVQPaKKQ)

Take the courage to discover your possible future destinations. Try to focus on your personal abilities and your mental, emotional and physical FITNESS. If you need help, then let’s talk: contact me

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