Does courage pay off?

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Does courage pay off?


I had an inspiring discussion the other day, one of my countless discussions about courage, with one of my mentors. We discussed how much courage really pays off and I would like to encourage you to reflect how much your courage has had or is having an effect on your ability to make progress?

So does it pay off to be courageous in our personal life and career?

I know it is a very philosophical question and one could debate about it endlessly, but nevertheless I would still like to share my thoughts, with focus on our professional life, with you. One thing is clear and has been proven to us all time and time again: The person who takes the courage to act, will move forward in some way in their professional life. Even if sometimes taking the courage may end up having a negative impact. At least as a result of taking the courage to act, a decision has been made – this alone promotes movement and progress and encourages an individual to take one or several steps further. In some instances, that courage could also mean that one has to take a step back.

Just consider your own work environment and take note of the people who actually do move forward. Leaving aside other factors such as expertise, experience, talents and skillsand so on, are they the ones who are readyto take the courage and do something? This something could just be showing up, speaking up, talking about their ideas, making decisions, asking questions and saying sorry. It could be doing something bigger, not giving up, standing up for themself and others and staying true to their promises and words. Are those the ones who do not always choose to take the easiest option or follow the normal path? Are those not the ones who challenge the status quo? Those who just do not accept what they are told? Well maybe not always, but most of the time. Of course factors such as being lucky, just being in the right place at the right time or having the right sponsors also help.

Now what about you? Take the courage to reflect how courage has paid off in your career progression so far. If you conclude that you have left courage only for the courageous, then it is time to make a new start and follow the advice of Ruth Gordon: “Courage is like a muscle, it is strengthened by use.” Start training your courage muscles.It will pay off. You have countless opportunities to practice in your work environment. Starting small and taking calculated risks is a good way to start.

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