Disruptive Job Search

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Disruptive Job Search

According to Matthias Horx, the founder of the Zukunfstinstitut (www.zukunfstinstitut.de) there is a ghost going around Europe, affecting the economy and politics world wide….It goes by the name: DISRUPTION.

And yes, it has also reached the career world. Disruptive careers, disruptive job searches! Disruptive is defined as: “being unable to continue in the normal way or throwing into disorder.” In short, unexpected, impactful… 

Within the disruptive career philosophy, the career path and its progression is seen as a disruptive one and no longer regarded as a straightforward path, but is recognised as a path that requires adaptation to unconventional ways of working, a path that requires creativity and innovation. This automatically leads to a disruptive job search.

The classical job search approach has served its purpose. Just looking for open positions, writing application letters and getting invited to interviews is no longer matter of course. 

So what does a disruptive job search require? Here are some thoughts: 

A disruptive mindset is where it starts!

Being disruptive requires experimenting and searching for new ways.

Disruptive career paths require the ability NOT just to find jobs, but to create them! 

It is all about creativity, energy and unconventional thinking. If one option does not work, what is next one?

An in-depth study of one-self is extremely important. Who are you? How are you? What can you do? What are your wishes and plans with regard to your future career path and your life in general? 

Analysing, questioning, observing the needs and requirements of the job market and employers is key.

One has to adapt oneself to disruptive networking i.e one has to exchange and discuss ideas, one has to interact with all kinds of mindsets and people such as lateral thinkers, who have already followed disruptive paths, i.e those who have nothing in common with you!

A strong self-branding and marketing strategy is not “a means to an end”. It needs focus and needs to be set-up properly.

Mindfulness, reflection and being aware of one’s inner-self are essential. 

Take the courage to move forward the disruptive way! Get out, learn, experiment, network, get inspired and create your future…

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