Dear Job Seekers, switch off and enjoy your summer break, it will pay off…

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Dear Job Seekers, switch off and enjoy your summer break, it will pay off…


The other day I came across the New York based Austrian graphic designer and typographer, Stefan Sagmeister’s Ted Talk about “the power of time off “, which has attracted over 2 million views so far. (

Every seven years, Stefan closes his New York studio for the duration of one year, in order to “rejuvenate and refresh their creative outlook.” In his talk he gives insight about the benefits and innovative projects inspired by this sabbatical.

I find this idea simply brilliant. Taking some time off could provide immense benefit to a large number of job seekers. Yes, I know, I know, not everybody is in the luxurious position of being able to take long periods of time off, BUT we all have our holidays and the least we can do is to use these time slots to rejuvenate and refresh our minds.

Stefan Sagmeister’s talk made me think about my recent conversations with a number of job seekers and the way in which they approach the subject of taking a summer break. Quite a number of them are “trapped” by their job search and tell me that they will be, without doubt, thinking and working further on the topic during their holidays. They believe that, whilst being jobless, they cannot afford the time to relax and enjoy a break from their job search. 

Dear Job Seekers, believe me, taking a proper summer break will boost your job search and enable you to focus even better. As I mentioned in my last blog “remix your routine” (en/news-details/items/remix-your-routine-to-get-the-job-you-want-165.html): No employer is interested in hiring “dried up” personnel. Refuel by enjoying your holiday without having a guilty conscience. A job search is a full time job and you certainly deserve a break!

Besides the fact that constantly being immersed in your job search limits your creativity and your ability to think “out of the box”. Today’s challenging job market requires creativity, energy and unconventional thinking. Also please take note that your beloved thinking machine, the so-called brain, whilst being a hardworking and diligent machine able to achieve a great deal, also has its limits. So please do not let it be the victim of a “job search burnout”. 

Take the courage to take some time off over the summer, to put your job search modus on “HOLD”, to enjoy life to the full and to do whatever you like to do. Let your spirit and soul run free, it will pay off…Enjoy!

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