Dear Job Seekers, are you suffering from the end of year blues?

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Dear Job Seekers, are you suffering from the end of year blues?

It’s that time of the year again, when the hiring process in organisations slows down or stops completely. Decisions are postponed until the coming year. Perhaps you are feeling let down as the year did not bring as many opportunities as you had wished or expected. Consequently any hope of securing a job before the end of the year slowly fades away and along with it your self-confidence. In short, things did not quite work out the way you had envisaged and your general mood before Christmas time seems to be rather low. Am I correct?

The general impression I get from my conversations with job seekers, at this time of year, is that they find themselves focusing on the negative outcome, i.e. on the fact that they have not secured themselves a contract. They tend to forget what they have actually achieved during their new orientation process and job search. They overlook their experiences, the things that they have learned and the inspiring people they may have met along the way and so on.

Dear Job Seekers, I am sure that over the course of the year you have put a lot of focus, energy and drive into this process and I want to congratulate you! You can be proud of yourself and of the fact that you have invested so much time and willpower into your future.

Nevertheless, as Confucius said, “the way is the goal”. It is the “way” that teaches you and helps you to realise whether or not things are going in the right direction. And if things are not working the way you would like them to, then this is a clear sign that you may need to review your new orientation process and adapt your approach             before you go on.

I hear a lot of job seekers blaming the outside world for why things are not working out for them. Partly they are maybe right, as today’s job market is challenging in a number of different ways. However many individuals do not have the courage to sit back, reflect and to find out what could be going wrong with the way in which they are managing their new orientation process. What really is the reason WHY things are not going as planned?

I have written a number of blogs that focus on the different aspects of the new orientation process. The following blogs may help you to reach a conclusion as to WHY things have not worked out:

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So Dear Job Seekers, take the courage to get rid of frustration, disappointment, self-pity, fear and anxiety and make space to enrich, to reflect, to build self-confidence and faith in order to move forward. If you have further concerns, then let’s talk: contact me 


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