Dear Job Seekers, are you spending “major time on minor things”?

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Dear Job Seekers, are you spending “major time on minor things”?


Efficient time management is one of the key success factors in the new orientation process. I hear a lot of job seekers complaining about their lack of progress. There are many reasons for this, but often, when we dig deeper, poor time management and lack of focus stand out most.

I love what Jim Rohn, the American author, motivational speaker and entrepreneur once said: “Don’t major in minor things. If you take up major time to do minor things, I am telling you, you will be behind the curve constantly.”

It is so easy to keep busy and emerge yourself in your work, but as Jim Rohn brings to the point once again: “Going, going, going and being busy. The big question is doing what?...And what about progress? Don’t mistake movement for achievement”. 

So in order to really progress and achieve, what you want to achieve, examining your approach and your actions is a MUST.  How are you spending your time? Which are the major things in your job search process and which are the minor ones? How much time do you dedicate to each of those? 

Here is what I call “minor things”:

Searching through online platforms randomly selected.

Looking for jobs, which do not exist or do not have much of a future.

Producing “to do” lists, which never get realised.

Contacting headhunters and recruiters, who have no interest in your profile.

Keep Working on writing the perfect CV and motivation letter.

Sending random applications.

Focussing too much time and energy to satisfy the unemployment office requirement.

Circulating your CV to anybody and everybody in your network.

Producing lists of prospective employers without working out targeted strategies on how to approach them.

Blaming the environment for your situation.


Losing self-trust and confidence.

Please feel free to adjust this list to include YOUR minor things and be honest with yourself!


Here is what I call “major things”:

Watching future work trends.

Observing and analysing the relevant labour market.

Never loosing sight of your goals and keep adjusting them accordingly.

Establishing a strong job search strategy.

Setting up a strong branding strategy.

Building up relationships with people in organisations, in which you would like to work.

Taking care of your network. Focussing on giving before taking.

Focussing on your further development and education.

Immersing yourself in the digital world in a away which is relevant to you.

Working on your communication and adapting your story telling abilities.

Getting out and joining inspiring platforms and meeting inspiring people.

Increasing or maintaining your level of fitness, e.g. spiritually, emotionally and physically.

Being creative.Thinking “out of the box”.

Leaving your comfort zone.

Taking risks.

Choosing courage over fear,

Establishing useful daily routines.

Please feel free to also adjust this list to include YOUR major things. Be courageous and think big!


Take the courage to move forward and achieve success by spending major time on major things…

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