Dear Job Seekers and Employers, do you keep your word?

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Dear Job Seekers and Employers, do you keep your word?

Unfortunately there are job seekers and employers out there whose branding and marketing are based on attractive and unrealistic promises rather than on reality. Basically that means, job seekers who promote themselves claiming to have experiences and capabilities that they actually do not have and employers who put themselves in the best light with offerings far removed from reality.

If these job seekers promote themselves well and make it to the interview, then they will certainly be challenged. If then, they somehow make it through the interview rounds and are hired, when they finally start work the reality of the situation will come to light and sooner or later they will be out of a job. This will have implications for their future career path.

The same applies for organisations that try to attract employees with false promises and offerings. Nowadays the working world is far more transparent and platforms such as Kununu ( and glassdoor ( give employees the opportunity to see the real picture. In addition word-of-mouth has a strong influence. These organizations will be deemed as NOT capable of attracting the best talent and consequently will NOT be an employer of choice. Naturally this will have negative consequences for their long-term success.

Dear Job Seekers and Employers, take the courage to represent yourself honestly and keep your word as sooner or later reality will take over…

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