Courage to create “More future”

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Courage to create “More future”

Can you imagine a world in which people have found the courage to create “more future” for themselves? 

I heard the term “more future” from a guest speaker at an event lately and felt inspired. When I heard the term, I literally imagined the combination of FUTURE & MORE and it had a different kind of effect on me than when I just think or talk about the future by itself. 

I started thinking what “more future” might look like?

It visualizes for me more open doors, gates and more opportunities. I picture a future that exists “outside the box”, overflowing with drive, energy, courage and much more. I connect it to a sense of openness without limits and an enormous passion for creation and creativity. I see colours, power and an incredible amount of progress and forward motion. All kinds of forward motion – first small steps that turn into bigger steps and then gigantic steps, small paths that develop into larger paths and eventually into roads that lead to “MORE future”.

“MORE future” to me also means the consideration of inner values, more humanity, more working together instead of against each other, more supporting each other, more sympathy, more freedom, more “WE” than “I”, more sharing…

For me all these ingredients automatically make the future into “MORE future”- a disruptive future that has already started to influence our lives and careers. A future that values the “MORE”, the unexpected, the impactful and does not conform to the status quo. 

Take the courage to look for “MORE future” rather than just a future.

Not sure how to make it “MORE”? Let me know, I love to get “MORE future” out of the “normal” new orientation process. (Contact me)

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