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Courage is a choice!

Courage means looking fear in the eye.

Courage is not scared of risks.

Courage is not “done” if only used once. As Ruth Gordon once said: Courage is like a muscle, it is strengthened by use.

Courage means self-confidence, believing in yourself and having faith in your abilities 

Courage means trusting your intuition.

Courage means moving away from your comfort-zone and avoiding the status quo. 

Courage means taking the lead and moving forward.

Courage means breaking the rules and making exceptions. 

Courage means NOT waiting for the perfect time to make the first step, and just doing it anyway.

Courage means NOT being afraid of failing and falling. Every time you fail or fall is all part of the process of moving forward.

Courage means turning obstacles into opportunities and chances. 

Courage means taking that first step. Whether it be a forward, backward or sideways step is of not great importance. Taking that first step already empowers you to start drawing on the energy needed to progress.

Courage means moving forward even without the consent of others.

Courage means letting your courage evolve, it means moving forward and achieving things for yourself, for others and for the world.

And what about you? What is courage for you? Define it and take it to move forward. If any support needed let's talk: Contact me

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