A little story about Peace, Faith, Love and Hope...

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A little story about Peace, Faith, Love and Hope...

"4 candles were burning.

It was completely quiet.

So quiet, that you could hear when the candles started to talk.

The first candle sighed and said:

I am called Peace.

My flame is burning, but people won’t keep Peace, they don’t want me. Its light became fainter and fainter and finally went out completely.

The second candle flickered and said: I am called Faith. But I am superfluous. People don’t want to hear about God anymore. It makes no sense that I continue burning.

A gust of wind wafted through the room and the second candle went out.

Quietly and very sadly the third candle piped up: I am called Love.

I don’t have the strength to burn anymore. People put me to the side. They see only themselves and don’t see the others whom they should love.

And flaring up for one last time this flame also went out.

Then a child came into the room.

It looked at the candles and said: But these should be burning and should not be out!

And the child almost began to cry. Then the fourth candle also piped up.

She said: „Don’t be afraid! As long as I am still burning we can always re-light the other candles. I am called Hope.

Using a match the child took the flame from this candle and used it to re-light all the other candles !“ STORYTASTISCH

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