A “disruptive” Christmas Celebration

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A “disruptive” Christmas Celebration

Are we in the middle of a revolution governed by “disruption”? 2016 certainly witnessed a lot of discussions, talks and also actions that very much involved a sense of “disruption”. The definition of “disruption”: “Being unable to continue in the normal way or throwing into disorder.” A future full of disruption seems to be unavoidable in today’s world: A disruptive economy, disruptive politics, disruptive technology, disruptive innovations, disruptive business models, disruptive careers and so on…

Well, what about a “disruptive” Christmas celebration? I see more and more people treating Christmas celebrations as a “must”. They consider Christmas as a stressful time of year full of obligations, boring family get-togethers, and the need to exchange Christmas presents bought in a last minute rush. So why not also introduce a bit of “disruption” into your Christmas festivities?

What would a “disruptive” Christmas celebration be like? It could certainly provide the opportunity to do a lot of things differently. One could make Christmas unexpected, impactful, and innovative. One could transform this precious time into a very different type of quality time for young and old. Instead of sticking to the same old staid topics, one could take part in lively, “disruptive” conversations. One could find different ways to show how much we care for each other. One could make time for “disruptive” reflection and appreciation. What else? Maybe “disruptive” lunches and dinners, “disruptive” ways of giving presents or maybe not giving any presents at all …

I think “disruption” is a very good excuse to bring new life and energy to a very old and somewhat jaded routine. Take the courage to “disrupt” your Christmas celebration in any way you see fit.

I wish you, your families and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas or, maybe I should say a very Merry “disruptive” Christmas!

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