«Inspiration New-orientation»

«Inspiration New-orientation»

Inspiration New-orientation

When individuals experience some kind of upheaval, such as losing their job, they can sometimes feel that their life has come to a sudden standstill. I can draw the individual out of this feeling of powerlessness, however only those who are ready to set themselves in motion are able to advance. The individual needs to elicit all available resources and energy reserves and needs to be in a position to recognize this change in circumstance as an opportunity.

It is essential that the individual resets their course and gives the New-orientation process room to develop. An individual may not necessarily be looking for the same type of position when approaching a new employer. They may instead decide to use this opportunity to uncover, as yet, unknown strengths and to discover latent talents.

During the coaching process I inspire my clients to get the most out of the New-orientation experience in order to get themselves back on track, to muster the necessary courage and to focus on the goals ahead of them. “Inspiration New-orientation” stands for a new beginning.

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