15 habits of courageous people

First of all let’s remind ourselves that not all courageous people were handed their courage in the cradle. Some of them were born with it and others not. Some had to learn it, maybe even the hard way. Some had to start training under developed courage muscles until they got stronger...

My top 10 quotes on Willpower

"Willpower is the ability to do what matters most, even when it’s difficult, or when some part of you doesn’t want to. It is the ability to align yourself with the brain system that is thinking about long term goals – that is thinking about big values rather than short-term needs or desires.”

“The Basics of Self-Trust”

I compare a lack of self-trust as being similar to not feeling solid ground under your feet. It feels as if you are suspended mid air, just floating around and not able to get to where you want to. Having strategies to regain our self-trust after setbacks and failures is certainly as important as nurturing our self-trust.


The other day “Champyourself” the slogan of a personal training concept caught my eye. I think it’s really cool. You too? What comes to mind if you think about how you could “Champyourself”?


Does courage pay off?

I had an inspiring discussion the other day, one of my countless discussions about courage, with one of my mentors. We discussed how much courage really pays off and I would like to encourage you to reflect how much your courage has had or is having an effect on your ability to make progress?

Jobs of the future

The future means a disruptive job market, disruptive jobs, new skill sets, new educational channels, great opportunities and numerous possibilities to form our careers, perhaps not all of them relevant to us, but certainly to our children and grand children.

My top 10 quotes on courage

My number one quote on courage is the one by the American actress, Ruth Gordon: “Courage is like a muscle, it is strengthened by use”. We tend to classify very strictly between those who are courageous and those who are not. I go along with Ruth Gordon and inspire people to work constantly on their courage muscles...

Lessons learned - Looking back at 5 years self-employment

Five years on, I look back and smile about a lot of things, about all the things that I have learned and experienced, about the courage required to stick to my path in order to be where I am today. I had my share of ups and downs, happy and sad moments, hectic and “slow” times. Over all, I would do it again, maybe a little more wisely but certainly more courageously.

How to stay „future-proof“?

The fact is that advancements in digitalisation and artificial intelligence make the labour market nervous. Every day we read about how different industries could be affected or have already been affected by the technical evolution, which jobs will survive and which are most likely to be taken over by robots.

“Every journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” – by sharing even a single step of your personal journey you could be an inspiration to many others…

First of all I would like to thank all of you who have supported the launch of takethecourage.com. I have received a lot of encouraging words and feedback which are all very much appreciated. I am very moved and grateful.

What about your values?

I am sure that if I asked you to name your values, both personal and professional, that you would be able to list them for me in no time, wouldn’t you? But would you also know what they really mean to you and the ways in which they drive your actions and behaviour?

What if you fail?

I encounter many people in the middle of a career transition who often find themselves in the “fear of failure” zone. What if I fail? Yes, and what if you do? What does that really mean? The “fear of failure” concept that they have created for themselves blocks them from moving forward.

What about your brand?

Your brand, your trademark, your label or what ever you chose to call it, is the way in which you portray your personal image to the outside world. The way in which you want to be seen or perceived as a person, as an expert in your field and as an indication for what you stand. 

Who are you?

“I am, what I do.” It is a matter of course for all of us to introduce ourselves by saying what we do. Now, how do we identify ourselves in an era where one job for life is no longer the norm? Disruptiveness has taken over. We recognize that a disruptive career progression is not a straightforward path...


Courage means letting your courage evolve, it means moving forward and achieving things for yourself, for others and for the world.

Disruptive Job Search

And yes, it has also reached the career world. Disruptive careers, disruptive job searches! Disruptive is defined as: “being unable to continue in the normal way or throwing into disorder.” In short, unexpected, impactful…

The Comfort Zone of Success

For successful people it is about challenging the status quo of their success and the fear of taking higher risks and leaving the comfort zone of their familiar level of success. In addition it is linked with the fear of failure and the possibility that they might lose what they have already achieved...

Lost your inspiration?

You have got to admit that life can seem quite boring when lacking inspiration. When you have no drive, little energy, nothing to give you goose pimples, nothing you really wish to achieve or fulfil, whether in your personal or professional life, in short with no inspiration, your life is just plain dull!


This was the motto of this year’s League of Leading Ladies Conference, which took place in Interlaken last week. The conference provided an inspiring platform and was the perfect place to listen to inspirational words from well-known personalities (gentlemen as well as ladies) such as prof. Erin Meyer, Alfredo Häberli, Alexa Clay, Sheila Lirio Marcelo, Alain Visser and many more...

STUCK or in the FLOW?

The new orientation process is an amazing process. If pursed with drive, conviction and an awareness of the impact it can have; it can work miracles. It can change our lives and turn our careers upside down. It can literally lead us to "create a different version of our future and to fall in love with that version"...

Take the courage to think how you could best use your “10 seconds of courage” to move forward…

I love Ted talks. They are a huge source of inspiration and learning. The other day I came across Nadine Champion’s “10 seconds of courage” talk. As a direct result of listening to her I learned some facts about courage from a fighter’s point of view and I would like to share them with you in this blog.

Take the courage to find your values and live them “the shaolin way” focusing your energy one hundred percent…

Whichever values we decide – these form our basis and these are what differentiate us from others. These are the essence of who we are and form our foundation. Our values define the frame of everything we do in life and become part of who we are; in essence, they represent us...