Why did I choose: “Take The Courage To Move Forward” as my philosophy?

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Why did I choose: “Take The Courage To Move Forward” as my philosophy?


I have been focusing on inspiring and helping people throughout their new orientation process, be it private or professionally, for four years now.

Last year I decided to take a step back and think about my philosophy and my focus. I consolidated my experiences by looking at my projects and coaching sessions and by taking into consideration all the factors that had prevented my clients from moving forward.

Regardless of where I decided to concentrate my search, my findings still seemed to lead to one common denominator: STANDSTILL i.e. no energy, no courage and no moving forward. Whether I was directing my attention to those individuals who had been with the same employer and had been doing the same job for years, only to be told that their employer for one reason or another no longer needed them; or to those individuals who had been enjoying a dynamic career, but had at some point lost focus with regards to the next step; or to students having finished their studies and not knowing which in direction they should be going and so on, I encountered the same common denominator again and again in all of these variations.

I also started looking at other dimensions of my philosophy i.e. from a social aspect. No matter where I looked, whether towards conflicts, injustice, misery, environmental issues and more - these are ignored, one way or another. My common denominator - STANDSTILL continually came into play. Most of the time the majority of people opt for the easier route. The route that helps them stay in their comfort zone. The route where energy, courage and moving forward are very much slowed down or even static. The world would be a much better place if we all took a little courage to forgo our comfort zone, to have an impact, to raise our voice or to take action, even if it means that we feel a little uncomfortable about doing so. It is also a question of being aware and thinking outside our own little box.

With “Take The Courage To Move Forward” as my philosophy, my aim is to inspire and enable people to achieve things for themselves, for others and for the world, whether locally or globally. Regardless of context, what counts is finding ways to facilitate courage and to overcome obstacles by taking one step after the other and by achieving what matters. That is how we can make an impact.

On a daily basis I see how individuals can make progress and can move forward once they have taken the courage to take that first step. This initial step creates the energy needed to take further steps. Taking that first step can work wonders. It creates energy and flow and enables us to move forward.

Take the courage to move forward by means of your own courage, energy and forward thinking and achieve things for yourself, for others and for the world…