Take the courage to use the ability to focus…

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Take the courage to use the ability to focus…

The ability to focus is a very simple, yet very powerful talent. One may consider it a relatively easy thing to do, but the ability to focus is, in itself, an art form.

In today’s society, more than at any other time, we find ourselves overwhelmed by challenges and demands to achieve and to be successful. To a certain extent these demands come from within, but sometimes our environment and the society in which we live can bring about these pressures. These feelings are normal, but we need to find out how we can best position ourselves to make the most of such a pressured environment.

Whilst working on the new orientation process with my clients, I often get an insight into how some people are able to focus and how others are not able to do so. The different aspects of new orientation are challenging and not all job seekers are as successful at tackling these challenges, as they would like to be. Having said that, I can see a clear difference between the progress of those who focus and those who do not focus.

One of the main aspects of job seeking is to constantly monitor job opportunities. Recently, one of my coaching clients was in discussions regarding a dream job opportunity, for which he was very passionate. He really wanted that particular job to take him to the next career level. After having made it through the first round of interviews, he was invited for the second round, which was great. During his preparation process for the second round, he became worried that he was not generating other job opportunities. Apart from this one dream opportunity, there were very few alternative options available and that scared him.

He had a choice, he could either focus on preparing for his second interview and assessment or he could continue to work on generating new job opportunities whilst trying to prepare for his second interview. Fortunately he decided to focus on preparing for the job he really wanted. That meant that he had to focus not only on being fully prepared for all possible interview questions and assessment tasks, but he also had to ensure that he felt physically, mentally and emotionally prepared. His focus really paid off. He got the job.

If you really want to achieve your aim or objective, THE opportunity, THE dream, what ever you wish to achieve at any given time, it needs FOCUS! Meaning: 100 % vision, 100% inner conviction, motivation and passion, 100 % energy and drive, 100 % preparation from a physical, mental and spiritual point of view, 100 % support of your loved ones and 100 % of whatever it takes to make YOU focus. It requires your own personal recipe, that only you can put it together, using your life experiences to date and past success stories as the key ingredients. Get help if you struggle to focus.

Take the courage to use the ability to focus as a way of moving forward and enjoy celebrating your subsequent success…