Take the courage to realise and use the power of inspiration…

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Take the courage to realise and use the power of inspiration…

Day in, day out, people and things inspire us. Be it leaders, role models, books, films, sports stars, nature and so on, we allow ourselves to be affected in one way or another. Some sources of inspiration can often drive us in a certain direction, can enrich us in a positive manner, can encourage us to fulfill tasks, to achieve dreams, to be successful, to overcome obstacles etc. Unfortunately, all too often, these inspirational sources go unnoticed as we go about our business, constantly consumed by our daily routine, obligations and challenges.

In this blog I want to share a source of inspiration from this year’s Leadership forum at the Kongresshaus in Zurich at the beginning of November. A very different source of inspiration from Christian Gansch , his “Taktstock Leadership inspiration”.

Christian Gansch is an Austrian conductor, producer, consultant, and highly regarded keynote speaker and coach. As he states in his website: “ With two distinct perspectives of the musical world, as a manager, he has been able to create a unique coaching concept, which demonstrates the similarities between orchestras and company structures. He compares these similarities and demonstrates what companies can learn from the complex structures in orchestras." (www.gansch.com)

It was a first for me to learn about leadership in connection with the music world and the similarities between the structure of an orchestra and that of a company. I found it to be a unique way of making leaders aware of the different aspects of leadership. In addition, Christian Gansch inspired the audience with his drive, energy and personality. For me the most fascinating aspect of his speech was the way in which he played renowned pieces of classical music, whilst conducting and explaining to the audience the different facettes of leadership in the orchestra. Unique! If you would like to get a taste of his style, please watch his Youtube video. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7zayyh8z_jw)

Getting back to the power of inspiration. Christian Gansch has inspired me to talk to my clients about leadership and it’s challenges from a different angle. His speech was a valuable add-on to my “pot of inspiration” and I feel very fortunate to have been influenced by this unusual source of inspiration.

What about you? By whom and by what was your “pot of inspiration” last enriched? Did it make a difference to you? 

Take the courage to realise and use the power of inspiration to enrich your life and to move forward…